Friday, January 15, 2010

Potato Salad

As with a lot of my cooking, I don't measure anything when making potato salad. I will attempt to put some measurements for you in this recipe. Still, the best judge is to taste it as you make it.

2-4 pounds white potatoes, but leave skins on until cooked
2-3 Hard Boiled Eggs, chopped
1-2 c Mayonnaise
3 tbsp Sweet Relish
2 tbsp Yellow Mustard
2-4 Sweet Gherkin Pickles, chopped
1/4 c Onion, chopped
2-3 stalks Celery, chopped
1/4 c Green Olives, chopped
Salt & Pepper to taste

Clean potatoes. Place in a large pot of cold water. I like to leave the skins on until they are cooked to ensure the potatoes don't get overcooked. Boil potatoes about 10-12 minutes until done, but not overcooked. You can check them by inserting a knife or fork to see if they are tender. Drain water from pot & allow potatoes to cool slightly. Then I like to use a pot holder to hold the potatoes & remove the skins. The skins will come off the potato better when they are still hot. Once skins are removed, chop potatoes into bite-sized chunks. Place in a large bowl, add remaining ingredients & stir well. Once you have it mixed taste to see if there is anything else you need to add more of. Place potato salad in refrigerator until chilled & ready to serve. I sprinkle mine with paprika before serving.

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