Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bowtie Spinach Feta Pasta

We first tasted this at my Aunt Shirley's surprise party. My cousin Dede made this pasta & it was so good. It is full of flavor & very simple to make. As I have said before I love anything with spinach. When you add tomatoes & feta, it's the perfect combination. Delicious!!!

2-3 boneless, skinless chicken breast (seasoned, grilled & cut into strips)
1 box bowtie pasta (I used whole wheat)
1/4 c olive oil
2 tbsp minced garlic
2 tsp paprika
1 onion, diced
5 Roma or plum tomatoes, diced
1 bag baby spinach
6 oz feta cheese, crumbled
Season chicken with salt, pepper & garlic powder. Grill until desired doneness. Let rest before cutting into strips. Cook pasta according to package directions. While pasta is cooking, add olive oil to a large skillet. Add onion, garlic & paprika. Saute for 5-8 minutes. Add the tomatoes, cover & reduce heat to medium-low for about 5 minutes. Next, add the spinach, mix ingredients well & cover for 3-5 minutes. Drain your pasta. Pour the pasta into the skillet & stir well. Add the chicken & feta cheese. Season with salt & pepper. Stir all ingredients well. Cover & remove from heat. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.
Recipe courtesy: Dede B of Kentucky

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