Saturday, February 11, 2012

German Chocolate Truffles

Valentine's Day is here's a perfect little treat that your sweetheart will remember all year.

1 Box German Chocolate Cake Mix
1 Container German Chocolate Frosting (it's the caramel with coconut in it)
White Chocolate for dipping

Bake cake according to package directions and allow to cool.
Crumble into a large mixing bowl; add frosting to the crumbled cake mixture. Mix well- I find it is easier (although messy) to mix with my hands. Cool in refrigerator.
Scoop out the cake mix by the heaping teaspoon and roll; place in refrigerator or freezer to get them firm.
Melt chocolate.  Take the rolled cake out a few at a time and dip in the chocolate and allow to cool completely. 

These are not hard, just time consuming, but sooooo worth it when you get the oohs and ahhhs from whoever tries them.  I normally do it in 3 phases- cake one night, frosting and cake the next, and then chocolate dipping the next.

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