Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pathetically Painless Pulled Pork

My cousin Pam sent this recipe to me via Facebook. It is as easy as the recipe name indicates. This was the BEST pulled pork sandwich I have ever eaten. My southern raised husband even said it was better than you can get in a restaurant (and we have A LOT of BBQ places around here).

Ingredients4 lbs Boston Butt Roast
1 c Worcestershire sauce
2 c brown sugar
1 c apple juice
Hamburger buns
1 bottle barbecue sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray's)

Marinate the roast over night in the Worcestershire sauce. The next day, drain the Worcestershire sauce. Pack brown sugar onto the top & sides of the roast. Place roast in slow cooker, pour the apple juice around the roast, & cook for 8 - 10 hrs on low. Take roast out when done. Remove the layer of fat from the top of the roast. Start "pulling" the roast apart.
Place in large bowl & pour BBQ sauce over it to get it coated. Place some meat on bun, add more BBQ sauce to taste.

Freezer Directions
Prepare as directed, portion into meal or individual portions, and freeze. To serve, thaw and reheat.

Recipe Courtesy: Pam B of Arizona
This is how my roast looked when I took it out of the crock pot

The bone literally fell right out

All of the "pulled pork" before adding BBQ sauce


Tammy McGowan said...

I made this tonight.. it was easy and very delicious!

Carolyn Bingham said...

This was so easy and delicious. I will definitely make this again.

Michelle R. said...

So EASY and delicious...and Sweet baby Ray's makes it! :)