Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

In our family, on our girls' birthdays, they get to choose their birthday dinner and cake for me to make. Our oldest is turning 12, this is the cake she requested.  I found the orginal recipe on Pinterest, but since she loves melted peanut butter with her icecream,  (I am blaming the whole peanut butter on icecream craze on Nikki- she introduced that yumminess to ME back in middle school.) This is crazy easy and absolutely delicious.

Anyway, here is my recipe.

12 icecream sandwiches
1 container Cool Whip (I used the light version)
2 Little Debbie Nutty Bars
Peanut Butter

Place 6 of the icecream sandwiches in the bottom of an 8 inch baking dish, breaking some of them so they will fit.

Spread half of the Cool Whip on top. Crunch a Nutty Bar up and spread out evenly.  Melt peanut butter in microwave (about 20 seconds) and drizzle over the top. Repeat layers. Cover with foil and freeze. Take out of freezer about 15 minutes before ready to serve.
So easy, so yummy.  Guaranteed this will be requested often in my house.

I crunched itup right in the package and then cut the top off and shook out the pieces onto the Cool Whip.

Melted peanut butter.  I had crunchy so that is what I used.

All Done. Ready for the freezer.

You can easily double this recipe and place in a 9X13 pan if you want to feed a large party.  I am sure I will be doing that at some point!

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I can no wait to try this one out!